We're Krystal & Eric and we're so happy you're here.

We're very typical in that we both work full-time corporate location-dependent jobs, but we're a little different in that we spend every "free moment" prioritizing the rest of our lives outside of those jobs.  We believe that every day should be an adventure and we're here to share our stories on how we do that.

We also love making new friends, so be sure to reach out & introduce yourself if you enjoy our stories!

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Krystal Nagle

The planner & travel hacker

A project manager at heart, I'm only happy when details are in a spreadsheet. This extreme and sometimes annoying ;) attention to detail makes me great at travel planning and finding the best deal. 


Eric Nagle

The Ideas Guy & Video Master

Part time video editor and full time goofball.  I'm practically allergic to project management but am always workshopping our next big adventure!

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